Common Dolphin Species Children Should Know About

Common Dolphin Species

Dolphins are one of the most human-friendly marine creatures; however, not all of them are the same. Some are wild and do not hesitate to attack human beings too. Contrary to popular belief, all dolphin species do not look similar and have sharp contrasts in their appearances too, which helps human beings spot their differences and remember their names and species.

Differentiating dolphins and remembering various species is important to tell apart the wild and friendly ones so you do not get harmed by them. It is also important to learn about their habitat preferences and provide them with the right atmosphere according to their need and demand. All of this can also help human beings enjoy interaction with them and see them in their fun moods.

Keep scrolling down this article to get your hands on the details of common dolphin species children should know about.

Top 7 Dolphin Species You Must Know

Marine creatures often look all the same, but they have several categories and species that differentiate them from each other, and dolphins are no exception. You might think there is only one type of dolphin, or all dolphins are the same; however, they are not. The minutest details in their appearance, preferences, and habitats differentiate them from each other, and learning about different species is important.

Here are some of the major dolphin species you must be aware of;

1. Bottlenose Dolphin

The bottlenose dolphin is one of the most common and friendly specie of dolphins everyone should be aware of. The bottlenose dolphins are great swimmers and can jump several yards up above the surface of the water. These dolphins are highly interested in acrobatics, which is why people like swimming with them too. Many people get tickets to swim with dolphins in Dubai and watch the species from up close while enjoying the interaction with them.

2. Risso’s Dolphin

Risso’s dolphins are another major specie of dolphins that is not found too commonly. This particular dolphin specie likes warm and deeper habitats and does not come to the surface quite frequently. A unique characteristic about this particular specie is that the scars they receive from their prey stay with them for a lifetime, in the form of white scarred patterns, which are more common in the adult species.

3. Commerson’s Dolphin

Commerson’s dolphin is another notable dolphin specie you must know about. This particular specie of dolphin also has unique black and white patterns on its body which earns it the nickname of panda dolphin too. The commerson’s dolphin is often found in small groups; however, they unite and cooperate with bigger groups when it is time to hunt their prey.

4. Hourglass Dolphin

One of the most popular dolphin species everyone should know about is the hourglass dolphin. The body of this specie of dolphin is shorter than others, and it has strange black and white coloring on the body, which gives it the shape of an hourglass and hence the name too. This specie of dolphin likes warm habitats and is quite rare too. The specie is also fond of jumping in the water, which makes it a beautiful sight due to its hourglass-shaped appearance.

5. Amazon River Dolphin

Amazon River dolphin is one of the most interesting and unique species of dolphins among all that you must be aware of. This specie of dolphin has a unique skin characteristic, which is it turns pink from grey as the dolphins keep growing and maturing. So, pink dolphins are the adult ones, and the grey dolphins are the younger ones. The Amazon River dolphins also have a unique habitat and prefer freshwater rivers instead of deep seawater.

6. Striped Dolphin

Stripped dolphin is another popular specie of dolphins everyone should know about. The body of this specie of dolphin is covered in stripes of grey, black and white, and blue colors hence named striped dolphins. The striped dolphins are also quite experts in aerobatics and like to jump upside down, in and out of the water. The dolphin specie is also quite expert in tailspins and backflips, which entertain the visitors significantly.

7. Spinner Dolphin

The last specie of dolphin children and people of other age groups should be aware of is the spinner dolphin. As the name suggests, this specie of dolphin is a master of spinning and acrobatics. The species can spin on the longitudinal axis multiple times and entertain people watching them. The specie is also friendly towards human beings. You can grab tickets to swim with dolphins and explore the experience as well as the aerobatic skills of the specie.

Which specie are you eager to interact with?

Most children and adults too, want to interact with bottlenose and spinner dolphins which are often found in dolphin facilities. You can also grab your tickets from to the neatest facility and enjoy swimming with your favorite specie and watch them do fun tricks.

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