TikTok Five Surprising Brands That are Making

TikTok Five Surprising Brands That are Making


The brand’s new interiors are comprar seguidores twitter creating an online community on TikTok

85.2k users, 320.2k likes

Firstly, Wallpaper and wall paints for walls designed by the brand Lick are to its sustainability and its community as its primary motivation. Secondly, Alongside its eco-friendly products, Lick offers advice from color consultants and experts in decorating to support its “people-powered decorating movement.”

Lick’s products

Firstly, Lick’s products appear in many of their videos, usually to help join TikTok trends; however, they also feature time-lapse transformations, DIY, and tutorial videos. “Watching paint dry” isn’t the case: the brand’s distinctive “peel-and-stick” testers crop up in the form of props for games, and its environmentally friendly packaging is in ASMR-style videos.

Secondly, The most impressive aspect is the way that the brand makes use of TikTok to build its community. Team members from Lick regularly appear in videos for the brand that offer ideas for interior styling, usually responding to TikTok users’ decorating-related queries. It’s become an everyday occasion that followers have begun to leave comments on the latest videos, asking their questions.

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However, The interaction with the community does more than assist Lick in creating fresh concepts for their content. The algorithm on TikTok considers the number of likes and comments of posts to decide whether an article is engaging. Thus, by creating the right relationship among its users and encouraging them to leave comments, Lick triggers TikTok to showcase their content to a broader audience.

Moreover, Lick also creates a hashtag that is easily accessible to its followers. The brand’s bio is “Tag us #LICKTOK”- the hashtag has racked up 17.6 million views as of now and encourages interior design-oriented TikTok users to show how they utilize the products of the brand. This is a fantastic illustration of how companies can use TikTok to create collaborative, interactive experiences.


Engagement: 5/5

Personality: 4/5

Originality: 3/5

Cultural significance 4.5%


The brand is an independent one that has been gaining popularity.

145.5k users, 3.5 million likes

It’s easy to tell from the South Asian-inspired fashion label Sani’s selection for the Instagram handle. @sanisisters’ TikTok says more in the name of Sani as the two sisters who started Sani. Ritika and Niki Shamdasani founded Sani intending to increase the recognition of South Asian craftsmanship and techniques. Sani is a celebration of their Indian heritage as the first generation of Indian-Americans.

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The brand was added to TikTok in the early months of 2020. the sixth video was a hit with more than 3 million hits. It’s interesting to note that this is the very first clip Sani posted that wasn’t from another platform. Instead, they used the TikTok video to demonstrate their creative process from the beginning of their inspiration to finalizing a piece.

Since the beginning,

Since the beginning, the TikTok method has been backed by a radical authenticity. It’s not a glitzy feed with perfect images: TikTok is where Niki and Ritika share their story about their brand, from their everyday lives (answering customers’ questions at the wheel or spending time in there their house) to the most glittering of extremes (eye-catching photographs and glittering events). This is a more detailed version of their first viral video, which showcases their growth and highlights their personalities.

This approach isn’t only designed to attract TikTokers looking for authenticity and grants Niki and Ritika the freedom to engage with TikTok trends and pop culture references and be themselves. Even negative comments can provide a source of content. “Your prices are a joke,” says Niki, “I’m glad we’re talking about this. As consumers, we often forget how many people are needed to bring a concept to reality.”

Traditionally, fashion marketing showed the process of manufacturing when it was a part of its luxurious appeal. Gen Z increasingly demands sustainable alternatives to fast fashion in the current climate so that TikTok can provide transparency. Sani is an excellent illustration of how independent brands will show the reasons why their products are worthy of respect and establish an emotional connection between the makers and their customers.


Engagement: 5/5

Personality: 5/5

Originality: 4/5

Relevance to culture 4.5%


The young jewelry brand is making a Gen Z niche on TikTok

108.4k fans, 296.4k likes

TikTok is Gen Z’s favorite social media app, so it may be a surprise to discover that “millennial-orientated” demi-fine jewelry brand Mejuri is growing a healthy presence there. The brand’s delicate jewelry became famous in 2017. However, Gen Z’s preferences tend to be larger-sized styles. TikTok brought La Manso’s thin rings to the top of the charts, and Beadedjewellery is one of the platform’s most famous jewelry hashtags, reflecting Gen Z’s love for large beaded necklaces.

Mejuri do to be competitive

What can Mejuri do to be competitive? Mejuri’s strategy might be to change towards their audience as they get older or re-brand their brand image to appeal to younger consumers. Mejuri has chosen the latter option, and it is evident in their Croissant Line that Mejuri has heavily promoted through TikTok.

The promotion proceeds via paid ads. These ads feature inspirational images reminiscent of the “outfit of the day” video. However, Mejuri is expanding its channel, changing to a more relatable feed favored by the generation Y. Mejuri’s social media manager at home, creating memes of new products or laughing about croissants. She wears the designs as she talks through them, making them seem more real.

Mejuri’s TikTok approach is a natural fit for the platform. It utilizes TikTok Stitch and Green Screen to respond to new products, features of influencers, and product positioning. TikTok playlists and pinned video clips highlight Mejuri’s “Monday drop” of new products every week. Sound is an integral part of the playlists, too “unboxing” videos are #ASMR to appeal to TikTok’s audio-obsessed community. frequently makes use of the latest sounds to highlight the latest products.

the time to know their TikTok customers. an extensive community of micro-influencers via Mejuri’s #mejuripartner (8.1 million TikTok views), using the potential of influencer marketing to boost confidence. They’re receptive to content that works. This is an excellent example of how Gen Z’s knowledge and a degree of flexibility could assist a brand in transforming its image.


Engagement: 4/5

Personality: 3/5

Originality: 4/5

Cultural significance 5/5

The Crumb

The premium cookie brand is making mouth-watering TikTok content

74.6k followers and 462k likes

The luxury cookie company from Los Angeles, Last Crumb, is so popular that there’s an email list of people waiting to be to the waiting list to receive a new batch. Since their debut in August of 2020, they’ve earned respect from celebrities and confectionery lovers alike, including Chrissy Teigen is one of them for their cookies’ spongy texture. Naturally, the taste is difficult to promote on the internet. What, then, is the reason why TikTok has become an essential factor in the brand’s success?

Last, Crumb takes a different approach from the other brands listed here. In Last Crumb’s TikTok, the cookies are the focus in the spotlight, more than the individuals behinditse creatiot. Only faces are visible whenever Last Crumb reposts a video of a TikTok influencer. Otherwise, the cookie is in (manicured) hand-only. Last Crumb is a market top performer in high-quality images with a crumbling cookies.

As with the brand’s logo, black color, like the brand’s black logo, the last Crumb’s TikTok feed frequently features cookies with a black background. The result is an elegant feel, distinct from the sweet pinks and sugary hues of other confectionery brands. It is common to see the “bird’s eye view” of the cookie-like the hands on the video are ours – as if the cookies are right there. This perspective from a first-person viewpoint is even more exciting, and influencer reviews offer solid social evidence.


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