Get motivated and change the world with motivation

Motivation is not only a feeling it is a deep emotion which develops in the hearts of humans. Inner motivation is built through working on yourself for your inner peace and satisfaction. Inner peace is very important to keep yourself highly motivated for achieving your life goals. The ability and capability to do similar work will increase efficiently and effectively if a person having a higher level of motivation and self-confidence.  Therefore, efficiency increases with motivation which further increases the productivity of an individual. There are many types of motivational speakers present for your resistance you can search for any kind of motivational speaker by writing motivation speaker in Hindi, motivation speaker in English, and more.

There is an inspirational public speaker who can guide you better. You can listen to them how they are guiding you and motivating blogs will also help you to do what you want to do. One should always have a goal for his or her life. Do not care what others are thinking or what other people are speaking for you. You need to be honest with your life goals and what steps you have to take to achieve those goals.

If you have a goal then why are you wasting time by sitting idle at home? Why you don’t do what is needed to achieving those goals. Are there any family problems?

If the answer is no then you are just wasting time and money at the same time. Additionally, if you don’t have a goal then think about what are you doing for yourself and for people who love you the most.  There are very interesting methods to get motivated but the best method is to stay positive about yourself.

 You must need to be honest with yourself about your stress and anxiety and try to talk to someone. There are many ways to talk to those who care for you. It is just a few words of distance that you have to cover to open up your feelings to your family and friends.

Motivation is important for every individual for his or her self-development and personal goal achievements. You should not ask for permission if you want to be successful in your life by achieving your targets. This also makes motivation a significant factor in your life as it will help you to stop asking questions and will help you to align you towards your goals.

Goals are the first stepping stones towards your dreams. Thus, to chase your dream you need top-level motivation.

Which factors can make you unmotivated?

1.         Financial Condition: Financial conditions can cause demotivation because you are always lacking resources and sometimes lack money.

2.         Lack of self-confidence: Self-confidence plays a major role in demotivating people by again and again self-questioning them.

3.         Fear of failure: There is always a feeling of fear of failure in many people’s minds. This feeling can cause self-demotivation and self-doubt. Due to fear of failure many people don’t do not try any new thing.

4.         Doing comparisons with others: It is very common to do comparisons between different people. Especially in India when kids are compared by their obtained marks in competitive exams with other kids. It led to creating a lack of motivation and appraisal.

5.         Being lazy: It is mainly found in the young generation because nowadays it is a situation of lockdown everywhere so kids and teenagers are staying at home and studying for the internet. This is making them lazy day by day.

6.         No physical fitness: Gyms are closed due to COVID-19. Almost every work is going online these days. Physical stores are shifting to online stores. Now there is no need to go out for purchasing anything. There is no movement in the outside world. Day by day the physical health is decreasing.

7.         Less skill: In the young generation it is the craze of smartphones. Most teenagers these days are addicted to their mobile phones for gaming, watching Netflix, social media, and more. They do not know that the time which is skipped due to using their mobiles will never come back and they will regret after many years later. Excess use of mobiles and new technology makes humans less skillful and lazy.

8.         Being odd in the crowd: It is not bad for anybody to be different from all other people. Until you think that you are not like others. There is always a choice to listen and forget what people are saying.

9.         Personal issues: There are many personal issues that everybody goes through. Sometimes these issues cause demotivation in the life of many people. Due to these issues, many people try to skip from the situation.

10.   No career vision: Due to lack of good guidance and not appreciated for what he or she is doing can cause confusion and stress. Additionally, there is a lack of resources and a lack to trust from others can cause disturbance in thinking about the future.

      Main factors to get motivation

1.            Enhance positive behaviour: Being positive doesn’t mean one should stop thinking about the negative parts or aspects of things. Having positive behaviour can change the way you think about any situation and problem.

2.            Good salary: Having a good job pay scale can also motivate you. In this way, the working capacity and quality also increase. One should love to do his or her job in a good mood.

3.            Self-confidence: Confidence building is not very difficult but doubting yourself repeatedly may make you more harmful mentally. Self-confidence cannot build in one day. You have to work hard for yourself and show the results to all those who think you can do nothing.

4.                  Physical fitness:  Physical and mental fitness both are very important to have motivation in your inner self. One should do exercise, meditation, and dance for at least one hour every day. This will build confidence and personality also improved by doing this.

5.                  Proper life goals: Life goals are very important for everyone. If someone has no life goal then there is no need to do anything and that person will lose all the hopes in life. On the other side if a person has a clear vision of his life goals then he knows what he or she has to do to achieve those goals.

6.                  Good mental health: Physical fitness is not the only important thing to achieve to be a motivated person. Inner peace is the key to success and motivation. One should practice meditation and yoga.

7.                  Being social: Being social to those people who genuinely care for you is very crucial. It helps in making a good social circle. Going out and spending time with family and friends is also very for making confidence to d something new in your life. A person can take advice from all the people he or she knows.

8.            Sport from family: Family support is very important for building motivation in the person. Spending quality time with family can boost up interest in doing new things and also can cause good health.

9.                  Stay positive: It is not only thinking good about anything that happens. It is how you deal with whatever happens to you.

10.                           Stay focused and energetic: Having a goal in life will make you focused. Being focus you will always do what makes you close to your dreams and future goals then you will always feel energetic and happy.

Conclusion for having Motivation:

Motivation helps you to clarify your goals and will push you towards them. Once when you know what is your life goals motivation will help you to prioritize all the related things. These things further help you to get your life goal more and closer. Motivation helps how to fight the fear of failure and what people think and say about you. Even when you meet a motivated person you will feel positive and inspiring vibes from them.

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