Impacts of childhood trauma and Its Consequences

Impacts of childhood trauma

What is childhood trauma?

Childhood trauma is directed towards or addressed to the unpleasant, scary or violating events that happen in the early age of any child that is before eighteen years which have left long term impacts on the personality and mind of the child. Basically, these are the scary events of childhood that did not leave with childhood; instead, these traumas remain part of their lives even when they grow up. The clinical term used to define childhood trauma is Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs. The events or reasons that bring a child towards this trauma include:


When a child goes through any type of abuse in their childhood, it causes trauma that has an impact not only on their childhood but also on their entire life. This abuse can be either verbal, physical, sexual or emotional. For instance, some children are beaten for very small mistakes very often, or when they see violence around them, it causes trauma to them. This also brings the long term to the mind of that child. The same goes for verbal abuse and sexual abuse.

Neglected child:

When the child is neglected or ignored, and their presence is not given importance by family members, especially parents, it causes trauma and brings negative effects on the personality of the child. In the case of neglect, the presence of the child does not mean anything to the parents. They did not give them the time and attention which they needed as a child. These kids actually never live a childhood because childhood is when you spend time with your family, learn the lessons of life from your parents and where there is happiness, laughter and colours. When these kids see other children spending time with their parents and enjoying with their family, they go into trauma, and they have a broken personality when they become an adult.

Face challenges in the family

Another reason behind childhood trauma is an unexpected challenge that may come in the family anytime. These unexpected challenges include the death of any parent or close family member who has been playing a major and influential role in the family. Separation and divorce of the parents. It is one of the major reasons for childhood trauma because divorce and separation bring so many changes and frequent challenges in the life of children. Additionally, when the child has spent the whole childhood in extreme poverty and unstable financial condition, even the death of a pet who was a loved one and close can cause trauma.

Impacts of childhood trauma

The question that is usually asked is that there are so many people who go through these types of events and situations, but not all of them have this childhood trauma? It is because the event becomes trauma when it is very serious and too close to the child. Also, the children who are not mentally strong take the effects of such events very quickly. Now we will discuss how childhood trauma impacts a person.

Numerous health problems

Childhood trauma causes so many different health problems. The chances of heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes increase because of childhood trauma. People with childhood trauma are more likely to have these health illnesses as compared to other people.

That is why even after growing up and becoming an adult, they respond the same in ordinary minor daily stress as there is an extremely intensive issue or stressful situation. The health issues because of childhood trauma become trouble and barrier in their studies because when become ill frequently they could not attend all the classes and lectures and as a result at the time of exams and assignments they take help from assignment writing service as they have no other choices. People with childhood trauma become oversensitive and sometimes overreact, but it is not their fault.

Emotional response issues

When a child goes through any extreme trauma in childhood, it, later on, comes out in the form of numerous and frequent emotional issues with the child. The adults with childhood trauma did not know how to control and express their emotions. They often face emotional problems. The people with childhood trauma anytime and anywhere go back to that phase and trauma, and when this happens, it becomes very difficult for them and the people around them to get them back from that time and emotional trauma. These people either react with so much interest and power, or they just remain upset from everyone and do not even like to respond or answer. This emotional condition also affects their interaction and relationship with people. Because of their emotional problems, they cannot make friends.

Anxiety and confidence problems

Most of the time, people having any childhood did not have the confidence to face people or talk to them. They fear talking to people or in front of a large audience. And if their childhood trauma is related to any disgraceful event, then their anxiety while talking or facing people multiply several times. This anxiety did not allow them to grow and move forward towards success. Because of a lack of confidence, they could not ask questions in the classroom or participate in a group discussion at the workplace.


These people live a life of loneliness and isolation. They did not go to public places or gatherings. And this isolation did not allow them to come out of that childhood trauma. They keep thinking about that hurtful and scary event and, as a result, go into depression. This depression also affects their physical health. They become underweight and weak. There are cases in which people with childhood trauma have made attempts for suicide. Childhood trauma has the worst impacts on people, but the person having trauma could overcome it by taking proper medication and sessions from the psychiatrist. 

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