iPhone 5/5s not charging? The solution might be simpler than you think

iPhone 5/5s not charging

When your iPhone 5 is not charging, it is one of the lowest moments in the smartphone experience. I mean, that’s when we realise how important this little activity is and how it ultimately controls our entire smartphone experience.

There can be many complex reasons why an iPhone won’t charge. We have already covered some of these. But sometimes the obvious is overlooked and that just happened. Fixing a problem with an iPhone 5/5s not charging could be as simple as… dirt.

The beam, although small, can collect dust / dirt over time. It’s natural. Take your iPhone 5 / 5s with you to many places.

From time to time we clean our phones, but we usually don’t clean the ports: the headphone jack or the lightning bolt. Also, dust builds up inside these voids over time.

Dust or dirt can cause a couple of problems with charging

The easiest damage it can do is that it prevents it from being fully charged. You may have tried a variety of cables, alternating between a wall charger and the USB port, but to no avail. Accumulated dust prevents connections from closing properly, preventing load connections.

The other thing that can happen is a bit strange – your iPhone charges for a few minutes and then abruptly stops charging.

This is a bit of a mess because you leave the iPhone plugged in assuming the charge will hit 100%. Hours later, you only see an iPhone sitting at 30%, where you need it to be fully charged.

Removing this dust / dirt can solve this problem and it is as simple as that. But how to remove it?

Here’s how: You can use a thumbtack or a paper clip (stretch one end). Use this to gently scrub the edges inside the beam. Gently being the keyword.

Remove dust and, if possible, blow air on the spring to clean it of other small stains.

Now try connecting the cable again and charge your iPhone. Did it solve the charging problem? Share your comments with us in the comment.

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