Company Picnic Checklist Beginners Should Follow

Planning Company Picnic

Corporate organizations organize some grand events like destination tours, sports galas, and some smaller events like lunch and dinners to boost team bonding. However, all of these events cannot beat a simpler picnic on a fine breezy day. The grand and even smaller events require extensive planning beforehand so that everybody can enjoy them to the fullest.

On the other hand, a company picnic allows the corporate workers to forget about work and spend some quality leisure time with colleagues. Company picnics are also necessary once in a while as they create opportunities for free mixing of employees, and help them bond, which is visible in their work-life too. Keeping the picnic, a surprise can maximize the benefits as it will highlight the true and spontaneous nature of the attendees.

Dig deeper into this article and explore the company picnic checklist beginners should follow to arrange an unforgeable gathering for corporate employees.

Top 8 Checkpoints to Follow for Planning Company Picnic

The school picnic is one of the most anticipated activities that excite the children. Even when they grow up and become professionals, they miss the school picnic. Their inner child keeps recalling the memories of how they were free to do anything and had no worries. You can help your corporate employees recreate the memories by arranging a simple yet fun picnic for them.

Here are some of the major checkpoints you can follow for planning a company picnic.

1. Pick an Inspirational Location

Going to the neighborhood park is not an ideal location for a company picnic. You need to ensure that the location is not too crowded and has some inspirational side to it too. Beaches and deserts are the ideal locations for such events in UAE. Most corporate organizations hire events companies in Abu Dhabi to let the experts set up a perfect picnic at some inspirational spot.

2. Manage Transportation

Another checkpoint you can follow to plan a company picnic is managing transportation. If you are planning a picnic near your office, it may not please many people. So you must pick a bit far-off location. Moreover, making the employees use their personal vehicles to reach the point will undermine the purpose of boosting their bonding. So, manage a transport that picks and drops all the attendees to their homes and lets them connect better with each other.

3. Set a Theme

One checkpoint without which any event is incomplete is setting a theme for it. The company picnic event is not a formal event, so you need to brainstorm a suitable theme idea for that. You can take inspiration from the comedy series and let the attendees dress up as their favorite comedy character while keeping it more on the casual side.

4. Take Care of Catering

Another essential checkpoint without which a picnic event is incomplete is catering. Picnic meals are also more on the simpler side; still, you have two options at hand. You can either cook on the site or take prepared food with you. A third option which is more popular as well as feasible is letting the professional caterers take over the job and provide high-quality service.

5. Include Interactive Games

To boost the fun and enjoyment level in your company picnic event, you can also include some interactive games. These can be physical sports or mind games. The ultimate purpose is to let your teams develop partnerships and strengthen their bonding, and interactive games provide the perfect grounds for it.

6. Arrange Live Entertainment

Another important checkpoint you can follow to plan a perfect company picnic event is arranging live entertainment. You can either let the employees take charge and show their hidden talents, or you can just include the professionals and let them make your company picnic a bit more special and enjoyable.

7. Add Some Fun Stalls

Another checkpoint that can make your picnic event more memorable and enjoyable is adding some fun stalls. These stalls can include snacks, swag bags for the attendees, fun activities, or challenges. In short, you can include stalls for any and everything that you feel will help your employees connect to each other and learn to appreciate each other.

8. Include Some Music

Lastly, you cannot forget about including some music in your company picnic as it would be incomplete without it. Music can also help set the mood and make the picnic more extravagant. You can hire events companies and leave all the arrangements to the professional while you sit back with your colleagues and enjoy your limited leisure time.

Do not miss any checkpoint to maximize your entertainment level!

 Incorpore settings, events are more for the purpose of work than for enjoyment or leisure time. A company picnic event is the best option to set up a comfortable and fun event for the workforce which makes them forget about work for some time. Contact the professionals to ensure proper event arrangements so it does not ruin the quality of the event.

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