The Top Six Methods of Teaching in Modern Times

Top Tools for Teachers in 2022

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It is not only limited to teaching. Just like any small-scale company owner, as well as freelancer tutors too have to handle many tasks. To make it easier for them to manage their routine, online support such as educational tools, efficient tools, software for teaching and collaborative tools, time-saving devices such as billing software and tools of this kind are being offered.

Private tutoring is booming all over the world. Because those online courses are currently in great demand, it is sensible for tutors to take advantage of technology to help make their job more efficient and simple. Tuition instructors can enjoy many benefits by making use of online tools.

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To further enhance the advantages of tutors, we’ve compiled the most useful tools available for their use.

Have a look at the following list and look over what each tool offers:

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Skype – The most effective and interactive online classes

The geographical boundaries are no longer a constraining factor in the field of teaching. Private or freelance tutors and private coaching classes using virtual platforms can share knowledge and education wherever they wish, without hurdles. One of the most popular tools that allow global communication is Skype.

It’s not required that students and tutors must reside in the same vicinity the same city, or even the same country in order to communicate. With high-quality video, and chat features lectures can be delivered from any location in the world, and could accommodate students coming from anywhere in the world. of the globe.

Skype is an excellent tool for training in virtual environments and allows students to communicate all over the world.

Zoom – Modern and interactive virtual classrooms

The pandemic has brought the world online. Shopping or chatting, or even learning about the world is operating online. Zoom has been recognized as one of the most effective online tutoring platforms that provide greater connectivity and security when it comes to video chats.

Group tutoring sessions that cater to students starting from high school, and primary school to college students. Screen sharing and whiteboard recording various features make taking online lessons extremely simple. The basic plan is no cost and as many as 50 students participate in the class.

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You could start your homeschooling or your free tutoring classes and even teach students who live 4000 miles away from you.


Magazine to help teachers and professionals develop their skills

This Flipboard magazine is another effective tool for teachers is an easy-to-use interface that can build an education news feed, track data and share relevant learning materials with students.

The virtual classroom space lets teachers easily work with students. After signing up for a Magazine students have access to any magazine, and explore fascinating educational topics.

TutorShell – Management Software for Tutors

Web-based software for managing tutors for schools, coaching centers as well as private tutors. Manage students and share study materials, add tutors, and more. All from anywhere anytime.

Tutorshell efficiently and efficiently manages the interactions between tutors and students in an online context.

It helps bridge the gap between tutors and students by coordinating the daily tasks of tutoring all in one location.

Teachers can add their classes, assign subjects to students or study materials, and develop online assessment tests.

Students can log in to the portal and access the study material, and then take tests and get results.

The tutor management software gives users the ability to automate tasks such as adding students on Excel sheets or on paper tracking their progress and sharing study materials with each one in a private way via email or by phone.

Evernote: Organise and manage the online tutoring business

Evernote is an amazing program that allows private tutors to organize their calendars, notes, emails, and to-do lists, basically, everything else that eases the life of professionals.

This productive and collaborative tool improves the student-teacher connection by allowing knowledge sharing at a large scale. Evernote is certainly time-saving and beneficial for tutors.

Google Docs Connect and collaborate with students’ life

Our own collaboration tool created by Google – Google Docs is an ideal instrument for tutors. The ability to create content and share it in real-time is the reason that is what makes Google Docs a popular online tutoring tool.

Many of you have already got a Gmail account, which means you access documents on any device that has access to the internet. Teachers and students can work together to create, edit, and discuss any topic.

Reports can also be created as well as keep track of meetings notes and other notes. Access and share the document are secure on the cloud since it is saved to Google Drive for free.

Google Hangouts A simple video conference tool

Another tool that can be helpful for tutors of one of the cloud services is Google Hangouts. Google Cloud includes Hangouts. It’s a video-conferencing tool that allows you to connect with and create a class of as many as 10 participants. It is possible to have one-on-one chats or group chats using Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts allows you to collaborate with your students to discuss projects, and share data, analysis, and action plans. It also allows you to invite guest speakers online and easily. There are endless opportunities for teaching using Google Hangouts.

YouTube is a complete information-sharing platform

It’s about teaching or learning, YouTube has become the principal platform for education, particularly in this day and age. Anyone keen to share their knowledge can start their own YouTube channel YouTube and share videos.

Online tutors can post their educational sources and connect with their current and prospective students all over the world. The most complex subject can be explained clearly by a well-constructed video.

Create your own tutoring business by uploading quality useful and informative videos. The more targeted audience members subscribe to your channel’s YouTube page, the better your tutoring business online will grow.

Below are some of the tools we have selected. There are numerous other tools that can assist tutors to establish a successful business. But, the above tools will definitely assist tutors in taking their work to the next step.

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