Life is full of ups and downs and we all go through hard phases. Problems and adversity are a part of life and we cannot expect a life without problems. Sometimes the situations are easy to handle but sometimes it becomes difficult to manage things. Above all, what’s important is to have a positive attitude towards life. Having a positive attitude doesn’t mean that one should expect only good things in life but accepting the negatives also is a positive attitude. 

These big and small problems make our life a journey. We all expect happiness from life but we rarely put an effort to do the same, especially for others. Making someone smile is the biggest challenge these days. It’s easy to give gifts, spend money but it’s really hard to make someone smile through their heart. It requires genuine effort and that means you need to put in your time and energy to do so. We, humans, are social animals and we are surrounded by a lot of relations. These relations make our life worth living. We have parents, partners, grandparents, friends, siblings and kids whom we are solely attached to and we want to see them happy. 

To make someone smile you don’t have to wait for their special day. It’s not necessary at all. You can randomly make them smile and let them know that you care. If you are looking for ideas on how you can make someone smile then you are at the right place. Here we have curated a list of ways in which you can make someone smile. So let’s check it out. 

Cook for them-

Cooking is an art but we have made it a chore. Let me tell you that food is the best way to make a person happy. That’s why it’s a very famous proverb that a way to man’s heart goes via his heart. This applies equally to the women also. So if you want to make someone happy then try cooking for them. You can also try baking if you find it considerably a better option than cooking. Online cake delivery is also possible these days so you can leverage that as well.

Compliment and appreciate them-

Who doesn’t like to hear compliments? Everyone does. We live in the world of social media where we all have an unseen pressure on us to be at our best all the time, especially in terms of looks. all are born with certain physical attributes which we cannot change, instead what we can do is to work on ourselves and be the best version of ourselves.

Body shaming is quite prevalent in our society and both men and women go through it so, in such times when everything is getting glamorized if you compliment someone for their real beauty, I think it is the best way you can make someone smile. This will not cost you a penny but will boost the confidence of the person and will make their day.

Give them gifts-

Gifting is a part of our society and in some or other ways we are all involved in this. We give and receive gifts on our special days. But what if you give gifts on a random day? What reaction can you expect? Of Course, the recipient will have a big smile on his or her face not because of the size of the gift but because of your gesture. Efforts and gestures count not the amount spent on it. So even a strand of the flower is enough to make your spouse smile after a tiring day. These days you can send flowers also.

Plan a surprise-

Surprising means anything which is not expected on normal days. An unexpected visit from someone special, a surprise party or a random text that was not expected can also make someone smile if that is done genuinely. You can surprise your fiance by visiting her or you can plan a getaway for your parents or a kid’s party for your children. All these surprises can make your loved ones smile. 

Listen to them-

We are a sad generation with happy faces and it’s a harsh reality. Have a lot of social media friends with whom we can share our happy days but we don’t have a person with whom we can share our bad times. Also have great communicators but the worst listeners. So if you want to make a person feel happy and smile not just by their face but through their heart then listen to them. Lend your ears to your loved ones. Sometimes a listener is all they need.

I hope you liked and found the article helpful. I hope you will try these out for your loved ones and let me tell you making someone smile is the holiest job you can ever do. If you have done something wrong and somehow you made someone upset then surely you should try these hacks out to get their smile back. 

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