What is Blog Ghostwriting & why it’s necessary to hire?

Blog Ghostwriting

No business can be successful unless it has a custom-made blog page on its website. Today, the e-commerce domain has become a life-sized marketplace where you can find all sorts of products and services. If a seller wants his products to stand out from the crowd, he should hire a writer who is good at writing product descriptions. Similarly, a blog is an account of information based on a specific product, service, topic, latest news, or trend that has taken the Internet by storm.

Therefore, online businesses need to stay updated with ongoing e-commerce trends. No online company can survive if they do not write blogs on their websites. Besides, blogs help e-commerce platforms engage users in conversations with one another. It also adds value to its online presence by adding credibility to your website. 

Nowadays, there are several blog ghostwriting services available online that offer writers specializing in various e-commerce industry niches. You can easily find bloggers who will be interested in writing for you, but there are certain specifics you need to consider before hiring one. 

Why is it necessary to hire a Blogging Ghostwriter?

 There are several reasons to hire a writer who has sound blogging skills. They don’t only write creatively but also follow the proper guidelines required to maintain all the blog posting requirements. The following are a few factors you need to see before hiring a blogger ideal for your business.

  • A ghost blogger must have a blog website where they write daily.
  • A good blogger will have a huge fan following based on his or her website.
  • Bloggers are often aspiring entrepreneurs, so you may ask them about it.
  • Your blogger will have an exceptional portfolio with popular blogs that rank on Google’s top pages. 
  • Make sure your writer is hired by a renowned blog ghostwriting agency.
  • Good bloggers are obsessed with the use of simple words and phrases. They make sure their blogs sound great and have good readability scores.
  • Your blogger must be multi-talented. He or she should be able to write blogs on different topics.

1. Blog ghostwriters are consistently competitive.

These writers are always in the endgame; each of their blogs is written with fierce competition in mind among the world’s best. The golden rule of writing in a competitive tone is using an active voice. Your blog tone should speak directly to the readers. The best way to practice adeptness in first-person voice is to tell a story, and ghost bloggers do exactly that. These writers are great storytellers that engage your audience right from the first line till the end.

Ghostwriting bloggers make sure they make great storytellers when it comes to writing. They handpick searchable topics, create interesting sub-headings, condense sentences into 15-20 words, and put down short paragraphs. Since our majority of the audience is young children and old people, using scholastic English could be a writer’s worst nightmare.

2. Ghost bloggers follow SEO guidelines:

For your blogs to appear on Google ranks, your blogger needs to have sound knowledge about how SEO writing works. Firstly, he should be able to write concisely and try to put information in smaller sentences. Thus, you will get a high readability score as mentioned above. Your blog writer should know the fundamentals of search engine optimization. This is why companies prefer hiring someone who has sound knowledge about SEO. Your ghost blog writer should be able to create a list of the main keywords. A good blog writer also uses long-tail keywords, adds a hook with compelling headings, does on-page copywriting, adds creativity, and builds backlinks.

3. Bloggers add questions to stir curiosity.

This is the no.1 quality you’ll see in notable ghost bloggers known for their inquisitive writing styles. These blogs don’t just tell you a story filled with fascinating accounts and examples, but also add intriguing queries to their content. Hire a ghost blogger ASAP who uses “how, why, what if, when, where, who…” questions in their blogs. By doing so, readers take interest in your blogs and try their best to interpret the whole meaning of the context. 

4. Bloggers are topic-wise trendy:

Blog writers are trendsetters. They not only get readers engaged on their blogs, but they even know how to start a surefire trend. Blog ghostwriters create eye-catching titles that go viral all of a sudden. A few popular blogs that went viral include Marriage isn’t for you, How to Crack a WiFi Network’s WEP Password with BackTrack, Content is King Myth: Debunked, and Here’s a Quick Way to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page.

5. Ghost bloggers love in-depth research:

Bloggers are research enthusiasts and want every ounce of information compressed into their 1500–2000-word blogs. The main reason why they do so is to provide all-encompassing information to readers in one place. Bloggers narrow down topics to conclusive information, use a specific search engine and branch out subjects to gain facts & figures. Lastly, they use virtual information libraries to get relevant information for their blogs.

6. Bloggers have good Communication Skills

Good writers are good listeners as much as they’re good writers and readers. They know how to communicate with readers and clients alike. Active voice isn’t for blogs only, but bloggers are active listeners on calls as well. Create a rough draft of clear instructions before seeking a professional blogging ghostwriter. Ensure your writer behaves during on-call conversations, and stops intermittently to listen to what you want to say. 

You need to hire a blogger ASAP who can control the sensitive emotions that might arise over certain topics. You can even check for their creative patterns through nonverbal communication. Send a few emojis (smileys) with distinctive symbolized meanings, and see if their replies conform to their underlying meanings or not.

7. Ghostwriting by Blogger saves you time and money.

One of the greatest attributes of well-to-do bloggers is that they save you two most precious entities. They save you time that can be used for continuing your major business ventures. It also gives you a decent amount of time you can spend with your loved ones. You can also save money by hiring a blogger on a long-term contract. This way, you can earn his faithfulness. Thus, charge you feasible fees that don’t lighten your pockets nor empties your bank account(s).

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